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Your partnership for leadership development and success. We specialize in behavior, relationships and groups to help you and your team achieve more. Let us guide you to the top with tailored strategies and practical tools to maximize your leadership potential and strengthen your organization

About PeopleSkills

All our years of working with people and primarily with behavior-based safety have made us some of the sharpest consultants in the Nordics when it comes to people and getting people involved in motivated work with their safety. Time and time again, we have helped companies engage their staff in fun and important work. And with a measurable difference.

PeopleSkills is a company that provides comprehensive service options for a wide target group, whether it is small and medium-sized enterprises or large public institutions. Our services are aimed at benefiting the organization's employees as well as the company itself and its owners. With interventions that may include training programs, fostering development and professional advice.

PeopleSkills consultants are dedicated to realizing their vision – to offer solutions that promote an improvement in the quality of work life for all stakeholders.

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Our Services:

Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) is an effective methodology that reduces accident risks in the workplace. By involving all levels of the organization, a culture of cooperation and mutual responsibility for safety is created.

Companies that realize how to manage people and invest in training their leaders to create conditions for people to succeed are more successful. PeopleSkills has extensive experience in designing and running leadership programs at multiple levels.

OBM or Organizational Behavior Management helps you achieve lasting performance change by changing behaviors effectively in your organization.

We have extensive experience in creating effective teams both with management groups and other groups. We offer measurement tools such as GDQ (Group Development Questionnaire), TQS (Team Quality Survey) or Five Behaviors of Cohesive Teams and continuous support with Teambook.

When you need help planning and holding larger meetings with up to 500 participants or to arrange a conference over several days, we can help you all the way.

Coaching for executives, managers and team leaders with a focus on measurable goals and individual adaptation. Regardless of your experience as a manager, you get easy access to training and support through web-based Mebook.

How we work

PeopleSkills mainly works with Applied Behavior Analysis as a scientific basis. The company's representatives also have extensive experience from management positions in business and you can be sure of getting help from someone who knows leadership both in theory and in practice.


For the best effect, coaching, training or organizational development tailored to each customer's needs is needed. With extensive experience from many organizations, we develop proposals specifically for each customer.

Where we operate

We go where you have the needs for it. PeopleSkills is located in Stockholm with collaborative consultants in Gothenburg, Karlstad and Jönköping and works with leadership development throughout Sweden and internationally.

Contact us:

Feel free to contact us and book a meeting if you want to know more about us and our business.


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    Satisfied customers

    PeopleSkills has customers in private business, such as the manufacturing industry, the transport industry and the construction industry, as well as in the state and municipalities. Most are returning customers, but of course we do our utmost to ensure that even you who need a one-time investment are satisfied.

    "Ulf at PeopleSkills is one of the best consultants I've had the privilege of working with, professional, knowledgeable and committed"
    Johan Lindblom

    Some of our customers: