Our Services

Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) is an effective methodology that reduces the risk of accidents in the workplace, especially in industries such as manufacturing, transport, construction, railways, mining and healthcare. If you are looking for the more experienced consultants in BBS in Sweden, you have come to the right place.

Companies that realize how to handle people and invest in training their leaders to create good conditions for their staff are more successful and have more satisfyed and returning customers. PeopleSkills has extensive experience in designing and running leadership programs at multiple levels.

OBM or Organizational Behavior Management helps you achieve lasting performance change by changing behaviors effectively in your organization.

We have extensive experience in creating effective teams with for example the GDQ (Group Development Questionnaire) and the support of Teambook, which works both on work teams and management teams.

When you need help planning and holding larger meetings with up to 500 participants or to arrange a conference over several days, we can help you all the way.

Coaching for executives, managers and team leaders with a focus on measurable goals and individual adaptation. Regardless of your experience as a manager, you get easy access to training and support through web-based Mebook.